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Higher end photography services. I dedicate enough time to each client in order to make the best of our time working together and to customise each image. I NEVER rush a session and I’m also flexible when it comes to rescheduling due to all the unexpected events that arise from being a parent of a young child.  I am fully licensed and insured (including newborns) and will spend as much time as needed to create the image you hope for, this means that I spend more time working on your photos “behind the scenes”.

Newborn sessions:

  • SAFETY: first and foremost.  I have the patience, knowledge, and experience needed to handle newborns into safe and cute sleepy baby poses. Added to my experience, I have taken courses in newborn physiology, posing, and safety.
  • I travel to you. You don’t have to worry about taking your baby anywhere, I will bring everything we need to create adorable images without sacrificing quality at your home.
  • Consultation to assess your newborn photography needs, such as new props (if needed according to your taste and color preferences).
  • Access to an ever-growing wardrobe of adorable baby-safe props.
  • Average time spent to capture, edit, and refine each gallery 12-18 hours.

Every session:

  • My expertise, you don’t need to think about every single detail, I will guide you through your session and will make sure to inform you of anything needed to make the best of it.
  • Average time spent to capture, edit, and refine each gallery 6 -11 hours.
  • Am licensed and insured.
  • Professional image gallery where you can effortlessly download or print your images.
  • High-end printing services and art products.

This in-home session is designed to capture the most adorable tiny features of your baby while wearing props and/or blankets. The goal is to bring the boutique studio-quality experience to the comfort of your home.

During this session, I will gently handle your baby into sweet poses.

In order to perfectly match your unique family needs, we will have a consultation to determine a shot-list and selection of props to be used.

If time allows or depending on your preference, family members are welcome to partake.


• Essentials: Up to 2.5 hour session in the comfort of your home.

• Premium: Up to 4 hour session in the comfort of your home.


• Essentials collection:  you get to select the 10 images for me to fully edit from a gallery of about 20 lightly edited photos. Once your selected images are finalized, you will receive a new gallery that will contain ONLY the amount of fully edited images included with your selected collection.

Premium collection:  all the images contained in your gallery will be fully edited to perfection and available to be printed or downloaded the moment you receive your gallery.

Please refer to the “what is NOT included with my session” section for details on what is not included with my services


• Online password-protected (optional) gallery and USB drive


• Image box: Keepsake wooden box containing 5″X7″ prints of the images included in your collection. This box has space for your custom USB drive.

• USB drive: Custom USB drive containing the high-resolution format of all the fully edited photos included with your collection.

• Story blocks: Set of 3 small square blocks ready to hang with 3 different images of your choice

• Wall art: 16″X24″ canvas gallery wrap or wood print.

• More a la carte printing products through your online gallery.


The belly to baby bundle is priced to include your maternity and newborn photos in one simple collection.


• Newborn session of your choice

• An  Essentials family/maternity shoot for only $250, OR 25% off the premium and all-inclusive portrait packages.


When receiving your products, your USB box and/0r image box (IF included with your selected collection) will also contain the images from your maternity session.


Editing is the most time-consuming part of my job, it can take anywhere from 10 min to 60 min per image.

Minis, basic, and premium packages come with an initial gallery of lightly edited images for you to choose from (with extra images available for purchase). Only the fully edited images will be available for you to download after you’ve submitted your selection.

All inclusive packages contain all the fully finished edited images from the get-go, you don’t have to worry about having to choose any favorites.

Fully retouched images are the finished products that represent the full quality of my work and cover the following:

  • Skin imperfections (acne, some wrinkles, uneven skin tones, discolorations, jaundice, rashes, etc.)
  • People in the background (your photos will look as if you were completely alone at the beach with your family)
  • Distracting objects or marks on a background, backdrop, or wall
  • Back, arm, and side fat rolls
  • Double chins
  • Add skies and sunset colors when possible
  • Teeth whitening
  • Extend and smooth backgrounds for newborn or studio-style sessions
  • Feature enhancements (brightening and sharpening of faces and eyes)

Safety is paramount to my business as a newborn photographer. No matter what you’ve seen on Pinterest or Instagram, your baby is a unique individual and I will treat him/her with kindness and respect.  I won’t force your little one into any poses just to meet photo expectations. With that said, I will do everything I can to learn about your newborn photo dreams so I can whisper all my wisdom into his/her ears and make them happen.  Either way, I promise you that the photos you’ll get will be all that you would ever want and need.


If you have any specific requests regarding poses, make sure to discuss them with me ahead of time.  We need to be on the same page as far as newborn safety.

If needed, I will ask for your assistance to spot your little treasure when being held by a sibling, or when propped up on a surface. Certain poses can be dangerous if not done with safety precautions in mind.

Please communicate with me

It is very important that you let me know of any questions or comments that you have before or during the session.  I might be the expert but you are the parent, if something makes you uncomfortable please say so, I won’t be offended! This way I can ease away any concerns, explain what’s happening, and make sure everyone is happy with the flow of the session.

Keeping it germ-free

For every session, I make sure to wash my hands and disinfect my clothing with natural non-toxic antibacterial spray.

I thoroughly clean my camera equipment before coming to your home, including my posing setup.

All blankets, fabrics, and hats are washed after every photoshoot with plant-based baby friendly detergent and stored away in plastic tubs.

If, for any reason, I suspect that there is a bug going around my home, I will not hesitate to reschedule. It is never worth the risk!

I also ask that if there is a sickness going on in your home to please notify me, due to the nature of my work it is important to keep myself as healthy as possible.

Every baby is different

Remember, every newborn is a unique individual, therefore I can’t predict what will happen in every session. If the baby is uncomfortable or gets overwhelmed by a certain pose or situation, I will move on to the next shot and revisit if time allows.


Taking pictures of a newborn is a slow and patience testing process, please make sure to carefully read and follow the recommendations described on this article: Newborn session: what to expect and how to prepare?


It all depends on how busy I am. The average is one to two weeks. Make sure to book your session at least a month in advance if you need any printed materials by certain date (especially during holiday season).


Setting a date ahead of time is not very convenient as the due date is mostly uncertain.

When I get a request for a newborn session, I keep my schedule with at least 2 spaces free a week before and every week until the baby is born.

As soon as your baby is earthside, please get in touch with me to schedule the session.

In order to book a space around your due date, all you have to do is fill out my photographer contract here.


Payment plans are available for newborn sessions booked with at least 3 months before the due date.

The total cost of the newborn session can be divided into 3 or more monthly payments before the baby is born.

Please contact me in order to inquire about a payment plan for you.