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Long gone, but the memory is quite heartwarming, the anticipation for the little miracle in our lives was one of the most joyous moments.





For some odd reason, pregnancy has made me a bit less modest…obviously I used to not appreciate my gut sticking out so far, but now I just love it. It actually bothers me when people mention that I am too tiny for 8 months, but I just try to remind myself “My midwife says I am just the right size”. I like being big and I want to show it off!

So yesterday I was looking for some props to make pregnant bellies stick out, I was bored and eager to see the outcome. So in lack of another pregnant person I decided I had myself.


Yes, pregnancy might make you bigger, but to most moms to be, bigger means more beautiful. Just a few days ago I finally got my studio set up ready, and thanks to my amazing midwife Kelly Olmstead, I met Sara who is 36 weeks pregnant.

The session went great, she looked great from every angle and in every outfit. But overall, that amazing belly popped out with radiance.

I encourage every pregnant woman to get a professional portrait taken, as my midwife would say “You are more beautiful than you know”….I hope I get the pleasure to be the one to do it! Contact me